100% Fertilizer Concentrate


Description:Organic certified seabird concentrated liquid guano improves water retention, water uptake and water holding capabilities. The Guano act as a fungicide in the soil, decomposing the fungi along with other organic material. This helps keep your plants healthy and disease-free.Our guano products have the highest Nitrogen percentage in the world, thanks to their balanced fish diet of these Cormorant seabirds. Their guano is worldwide rated as the highest effective organic agricultural fertilizer in the world. Our products are Eco. Certified and manually harvested (scraped) without the introduction of any synthetic or chemical additives. The organic liquid fertilizer is immediately soaked up and absorbed by the plant and soil as a nutrient enricher. The Verte contains all the macro and micro-nutrients and the products have a natural source of N.P.K. (13.8% Nitrogen, 17% Phosphorous & 2.1 % Potassium)Active Ingredients: N: 13.8g/Kg P: 17g/Kg K2.1g/Kg Ca: 40.38 g/Kg Mg: 2521 mg/Kg N:1990 mg/Kg Mn: 16 mg/Kg Fe: 606 mg/Kg Cu: 91 mg/Kg B: 6 mg/KgApplication Rates:Dilute 2.5 liters of organic concentrated liquid guano per 100 Liter of water. The dilution rate is 1:40 and therefore very cost effective as 25 Liters of Verte liquid guano makes 1,000 Liters of plant food that covers 1 Hectare (10,000m)