Garlic Planter

Plant line numbers 5 row

Line space 18 cm

Seed space 8-16 cm

Sowing depth 0-5 cm

Gasoline engine power

6.5 HP/168F

Package size 126*139*84 cm

Weight 190kg

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Introduction of 5 row garlic planter

The Gasoline Engine Garlic Seeder is the most professional Garlic planting machine for small land . You can plant Garlic bulb uniformly and easily , without bent down and plant slowly with hands.Designed by Germany engineer and our 30 years experience experts, the Garlic Bulb Seeder has become the most popular garlic planting machine home and abroad.It will improve your planting efficiency and accuracy at 80%.


The Garlic Seeder is self propelled and driven by 6.5HP gasoline engine . It can sow 5 Row garlic seeds precisely and efficiently one trip.The Garlic Seeds Planter is supplied with 5 sets of cup chains , which can pick up garlic seeds precisely and plant seeds uniformly in line. The precise size cup can pick up one Garlic seeds each. Not two or Zero. It guarantee the planting performance .In comparison with other traditional Garlic planting machines, our DGG-5 Garlic seeder is more portable. It is installed with road wheels and convenient to move to your field. No matter you plant at plain, hilly terrain or small remote land, this self-propelled seeder will always satisfy you a lot.