Garlic Stem & Root Cutter

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Introduction of Garlic root and leave cutter

The Garlic Root Cutting Machine is professional Garlic processing machine.

After harvesting, Garlic Bulb have long roots and stem. It is not easy to dry and waste space. Farmers may cut the stem and root manually with onion snips, which is slow and time-consuming.

To help farmers with reduce labor costing, our engineers design and improved details for long time. Now you can get the most professional Garlic Bulb Stem and Root Cutting Machine

With this handy Garlic Root Cutter, you remove the Garlic Root and stem easily and safely. Thus you only need to bring Garlic bulbs home. Amazing !


Apply for cutting garlic bulb roots and garlic stem

Install 24v-48v electric battery

Light weight, Easy to move to field and carry

Easy to operate. Only need to press On/Off button

Affordable for every farmers.

Technical data:

Name Garlic Root Cutting Machine

Package size 390*240*195 mm

Weight 18kg